The Immunology Database and Analysis Portal (ImmPort) archives clinical study and trial data generated by NIAID/DAIT-funded investigators. Data types housed in ImmPort include subject assessments i.e., medical history, concomitant medications and adverse events as well as mechanistic assay data such as flow cytometry, ELISA, ELISPOT, etc.

Analysis and knowledge resources also supported by the ImmPort team include the ImmPort flow cytometry module along with the FLOCK-automated population algorithm, ImmuneXpresso and the Cell Ontology browser.

Navigating ImmPort

Navigation within ImmPort can be done using the menu at the top of the view, study tabs, and embedded text links.

The menu bar (above) includes links to:

  • Shared Data Home - Shared Data home page
  • Cell Ontology - Cell Ontology home page
  • Cytokine Registry - Cytokine Registry page
  • Gene List - ImmPort Gene List
  • Flow Analysis - description page for the ImmPort Flow Cytometry module with links to the module features
  • Flu Vaccine Analysis Tutorial - Flu Vaccine Analysis Tutorial
  • ImmuneXpresso - an information extraction system compiling a network of cell-to-cytokine interactions
  • Studies - study search view with filter options
  • Upload - Data Upload summary and contact information
  • Help - individual links to information about Shared Data