Data Upload

Do you want to upload data to ImmPort?

If you are interested in using ImmPort as a means to share your data with the scientific community, please contact the ImmPort Helpdesk at

Data is stored at a secure hosting facility within NIAID at and remains private until you inform our team that it is ready to be shared. At that time, the data is distributed to the wider community via this website ( and Amazon AWS.

For more information about our data upload process, please see our documentation and instructional videos below. Need help? Please feel free to contact us by email at and we are happy to provide a walkthrough.

To start uploading data, you will need to register for an ImmPort account to create your private workspace .

Template Documentation

The ImmPort templates descriptions are available in interactive form here.

The ImmPort templates are available to download and fill here.

The ImmPort templates descriptions in PDF form are available here.

An interactive graphic of the ImmPort Data Model is available

Example Data Packages

The following examples of data upload packages are provided to illustrate the organization of metadata documents and associated files in a package and how to create links between entities declared in metadata documents or referenced in ImmPort.

The example human and animal study data upload packages are organized to highlight ImmPort's support for incremental data upload.

Load the study package first and then any or all of the assay result packages for that study.

Data Package Validator
The Validator is an online tool that checks the format and content of the files in the data package and reports issues.
If there are any errors in the validation report, fix the first errors that are indicated and rerun the validation process.
The errors encountered first may have effects on later files that are validated.
It is highly recommended to use the Validator before sending data into ImmPort as part of the data upload process.