System Documentation

Schema Documentation

The table and column documentation for the Public ImmPort Schema are available here.

Data Model Viewer is available here.

Requirements and Design

The System Architecture and Software Design Specification (SASDS) v.5.0 defines the overall architecture and software design for the ImmPort system as of March 2016. The SASDS addresses hardware, software, and database design.

Functional Requirements

The Functional Requirements defines the function of the Administrative section for the ImmPort system which includes creating, updating, sorting and deleting a program, contract grant and user.


Data Upload Documentation

A description of ImmPort Data Upload resources is available

Data Upload Templates

The ImmPort Data Upload Templates can be downloaded

ImmPort De-identification Process

Download a copy of the ImmPort De-identification Process .

Request Genotyping data

Download a Powerpoint describing the Genotyping Data Request Process .

Download the Genotyping Data Request form .

Data Release Notes

View data release notes for current and past releases. View

Data Templates

View the Data Templates page: View

Template Documentation

View the Template Documentation page: View

Scientific Guidelines
HLA Documentation and Analysis Methods Manuals

HLA Quality Control Pipeline Specifications

Haplotype Estimation and Linkage Disequilibrium Methods Manual

HLA Disease Associations Methods Manual Version 0.1.0 (July 25, 2011)

Proposal for HLA Data Validation

Hardy-Weinberg Proportions Methods Manual: Testing fit of genotype frequencies to Hardy-Weinberg proportions

Genotype SNP Imputation Methods Manual

T1DGC Immunochip HLA Reference Panel for Imputation with SNP2HLA